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What is Node JS

Node.js is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. It is a mainstream tool for practically any sort of project. A Node.js application is run in a solitary procedure, without making another thread for each request.

Node.js has a one of a kind favorable position since a huge number of frontend designers that compose JavaScript for the program are currently ready to compose the server-side code notwithstanding the client-side code without the need to gain proficiency with a totally unique language.

Highlights of Node.JS

The following are a few highlights.

License: Node.js released under the MIT License.

Fast: It is exceptionally quick in code execution since it based on Google Chrome's Engine.

Single-threaded but highly scalable: Support single threaded model with the occasion circling or looping and the server is exceptionally versatile on the grounds that the idea of occasion system causes the server to react in a non-blocking way.

Asynchronous and Event-Driven: Node.JS the based server never waits that an API will return information, in the wake of calling it once it moves to another API and gathers every one of the warnings systems that gets a reaction from a past API call.

No buffering: Node.js never cradle any data output data in lumps.

Node.js Assignment Help

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Everybody realizes that JavaScript is accepting an excess of prevalence in the computerized world at this point. Its fame obliges uncountable changes in web advancement.

With the headway in innovation, JavaScript would now be able to be worked both on the browser and server. This is the place JavaScript turns into significantly progressively gainful, through the Node.js.

Topics For Node.JS

npm packages

Core Node.js Concepts

Blocking I/O

Non-blocking I/O

Asynchronous I/O

Prototypes & Inheritance



HTTP server

Booting up





Node.js Web Service

RESTful Web Services

Authentication with OAuth



Unit Testing with Mocha


Unit Test

Mocha Hooks



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