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In the least difficult words, the Time value of money or TVM indicates the diminishing worth of money concerning time. TVM states that money that is accessible at present is worth more than a similar sum later on, because of its potential earning capacity. This middle standard of account holds that gave money can increase the premium, any proportion of money is worth more the sooner it is gotten. One of the most basic concepts in finance expresses that money has a time value related to it.

Time Value of Money is the calculative idea that tells that the present money is more estimable than a comparative whole later on due depending upon the capacity of its getting limit. Fund conveys on the inside thought that gives that gave money can premium, any proportion of money is worth more the sooner it is gotten.

One can interpret TVM in mathematical calculations. This further understands one of a few factors in financial issues. A typical example of a variable would be a balance (the mentioned facts in a balance are the real and nominal value of a debt or a financial asset in terms of monetary units), a periodic rate of interest, the period numbers and a series of cash flows.

Basic Time Value For Money Formula:

In general, the most principal TVM equation considers the present value, then multiplies it by the compound interest for each of the payment periods and factors in the time period over which the payments are made. Here’s a mathematical representation for your understanding:

Formula: FV = PV x [ 1 + (i / n) ] ^(n x t)

(FV) Future Value = What your money will be worth at some future time after it (hopefully) earns interest.

(PV) Present Value = What your money is worth right now.

(I) Interest = Paying someone for the time their money is held.

(N) Number of Periods = Investment (or loan) period.

(T) Number of Years = Amount of time money is held

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