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Data Mining is the field of research which includes the itemized strategies of extracting information from a huge set of raw data available. It can likewise consider the mining of knowledge from some accessible information. It causes a few associations to concentrate on the data access available to them and recognize the significance of that information for their business. Data mining additionally helps in foreseeing the practices of different patterns that will assist organizations with taking certain choices which can be called proactive knowledge-driven decisions to increase their business profit. Data mining is an interdisciplinary subfield of software engineering that breaks down information from different points of view and abridges it into helpful data. At the end of the day, data mining is a powerful technology used in the extraction of hidden information from large databases. Data mining assignments offer noticeable quality to different parts of the said discipline.

What's more, RapidMiner is the most well-known and broad open-source data mining solution on the planet. It is a software tool applied for simple statistical evaluations such as regression, correlation analysis, clustering and classification of analytical procedures, parameter optimization, and dimension reduction.

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